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About The Procedure            

True tumescent liposuction is safe, easy and permanent. It is rare for one of Dr. Phillip A. Hooker, M.D., Ph.D.'s patients to not be thrilled with their new shape. In fact, this procedure is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. In addition to giving you a new look and a better mental outlook, the removal of fat improves your health. A recent study has revealed that diabetics may require less insulin following liposuction. At the beginning of the liposuction, you may feel a little pricking and stinging for 30 seconds. As Dr. Hooker continues to numb the fat, most patients laugh and talk since you feel almost no pain. The numbing fluid contains epinephrine that results in almost no bleeding. The area stays numb until the next day.
Several tiny nicks less than one-eighth inch in length are then made in the skin. Tiny blunt instruments about the size of a miniature drinking straw are used to remove the fat. During the sculpturing, you again feel almost no pain. Since the liposuction instruments are rounded on the end, there is absolutely no cutting during the procedure.
Following the true tumescent liposuction, you will wear a comfortable, body stocking type, stretchy garment for several days. You will have soreness similar to muscle soreness following too much physical exercise. You may return to work in just two days. Dr. Hooker uses no general anesthesia or sedation, so you feel great when you leave the clinic.

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